Spring Fair 2011

During the weekend of the 8th and 9th October 2011, South Coast Madressa held its inaugural Spring Fair at the Mr Price Kings Park Rugby Stadium. It was a bold step into the unknown because as a school we were treading onto a new territory that required astute planning and careful strategizing and the enormity of the project was overwhelming and it was something that was never attempted by South Coast Madressa as a school before.

Nevertheless it proved to be a very fruitful exercise, with thousands of people in attendance. It was a deviation from other stereotypical fairs, in that it encompassed three new facets to it. A car show that lured many motor car enthusiasts who brought their most prised modes of transport. This took place on both days and proved to be a very keenly contested competition. The show culminated in a victory lap on the main field with all present applauding the respective winners in each category.

The other was a unique soccer 20/20 for Gaza. This was a soccer tournament for the youth of Durban who participated with the sole intention for raising funds for Gaza. The standard of the soccer was of a very high standard with many boys displaying their prowess at this particular code of sport.

The evenings were punctuated with Islamic entertainment in the form of Naaths by prominent Aalims,
Nasheeds and Nazms by the ever popular Islamic youth band Wahid. This proved to be very popular as many people gathered to witness their live performance on stage. Light entertainment was also provided by Sagie Muruvan who had the huge crowds in stiches on both nights.

The stallholders were also elated at their vending prospects and many expressed their jubilation at having made good business. Other special features included the expertise of Durban’s professional chef, Mrs Asha. Maharaj for sharing her invaluable culinary skills. This also witnessed by many enthusiastic females who were delighted to be a part of this cooking extravaganza.

A cancer awareness campaign was carried out by doctors from the cancer awareness centre. Their special emphasis was on female breast cancer. This proved to be a very effective campaign with many ladies in attendance.

The amusement section provided ample amusement and fun for the little ones who were totally enthralled by all the rides and activities available