Alhamdulillah , through the grace of almighty Allah (SWT), we at South Coast Madressa have a vibrant Islaamiyaat Department. Our department consists of experienced and qualified personnel like:

- Muallima Ayesha Hoosen, our Islamic studies HOD. She has a two year IEOSA teacher training qualification. She has also completed her NPDE at UKZN in 2008 and ACE - Natural Sciences at UNISA in 2009. She is currently completing her Honours - B. Education in Educational Management (final year) through UNISA.
- Muallima Mariam Ally has completed MCF as well as IEOSA training. She has over 20 years of teaching experience.
- Muallima Anisa Hoosen has completed her MCF and has IEOSA training. She has over 20 years teaching experience.

We are affiliated to The Association of Muslim Schools (AMS) and are involved in all activities co-ordinated by AMS. Our learners haven taken many awards in the AMS Islamic Olympiads over the last few years.
Our learners write the IEOSA external examinations and receive full support, supervision and guidance from very capable IEOSA supervisors throughout the year. Alhumdulilah some of our learners as young as 5 and 6 years of age have entered Qu’raan. Our goal is to make sure every learner is able to read Qu’raan with proper tajweed and makarij Insha Allah.

The beautiful language of Urdu and Arabic are taught to our learners from grades 1 to 9 through the Department of Education under the supervision of Mr. Nizam Rehman. Our learners have excelled in the art competitions organised by the Department of Education - Urdu and Arabic. We have also participated in the annual Urdu and Arabic jalsas.

We have invited many professionals and ulema to address our learners on pertinent issues affecting our community. Our aim is to educate, transform and guide our learners to become true flag-bearers of Islam and to be future leaders in our community Insha Allah. The purpose of our department is also to prepare our children for the most important examination of the hereafter, that is to do everything for the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and to follow the footsteps of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW) in our daily activities.

We make dua that Allah (SWT) accepts our humble effort and gives us strength and courage to continue this beautiful work of imparting deen to our dearest children. Remember us in your duas.