South Coast Madressa has a rich history of sporting excellence. This is attributed to the dedication of our highly qualified sports department with over 20 years of experience between them. Although South Coast Madressa is disadvantaged in terms of facilities, we are not disadvantaged in terms of talent. Due to the hard work and training of our learners by our coaches, we have done exceptionally well in sporting environments where the most elite schools participate. The school participates in the Association of Muslim Schools (AMS) tournaments as well as main stream sport activities. We have participated in swimming, soccer, netball, volleyball track athletics, mini cricket etc. The highlight of the year was having two avid soccer players from South Coast Madressa being selected to represent the Association of Muslims Schools (A.M.S) to participate in a soccer tournament held in Egypt.

Insha Allah our school continues with this rich history and legacy that previous generations have brought to us through their sporting accomplishments and that our future generation would use this as a platform to continue this rich history and legacy at South Coast Madressa.